Final Thoughts on $56 in February

February is long gone, and I’m just now getting around to posting my final thoughts on such a busy month. On top of meeting my indispensable FSOA study group twice a week I spent so much time cooking that I didn’t really get a chance to blog. I can’t say I’m surprised since this happened last time we did this project.

Excuses aside, I’ve finally posted the full and final grocery/ingredient list. There’s another permanent link over at the $56 in February Page, which I think I’ll keep up there.

This year’s February was much easier than when we did this in 2007. I think it’s a combination of an improvement in my cooking skills and much better planning. MUCH better planning – there is an excel sheet with many pages. All told, Chad and I both lost about 10 pounds that we could definitely stand to loose. Our stomachs shrank a bit, which I don’t mind at all – it goes along with one of the reasons we do this: mindfulness.

I’ve seen several websites or articles of other people doing the same (or similar) project for various reasons. They may want to call attention to world hunger issues, save money, loose weight, see if it’s possible to do, etc. While we may have a few of the same motives, Chad and I are not looking for any publicity or attention out of this project, we do this for us.

This is primarily an exercise in mindfulness. Each of the worlds major religions have fasting or restrictive periods and it’s often a time of thought and reflection. Here are a few things that are reinforced for us during February:

  • Most of our social life revolves around food.
  • It’s okay to be a little hungry at 4pm if you ate lunch at noon and dinner is at 5pm.
  • No knead bread is awesome.
  • We don’t have to be completely full of food in order to feel satisfied with a meal.
  • Living on a strict budget is difficult, but possible.
  • We are very lucky to have our health, and no food allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • We are very lucky that this is an exercise of choice.
  • This is an annual event.

    Now that we don’t have any restrictions on what we can spend on food, I’m going to go have lunch with a friend. But first, I need to go spend the grocery money we saved this month on a goat and some bees.

  • 5 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on $56 in February

    1. Joel

      So you DID accomplish your goal? $55 from the spreadsheet? It’s okay to brag a little Melissa, that’s awesome. Wow. And 10lbs. impressive all around.

      I’m thinking is has to do with exercise too. I mean if you worked out more(spent calories). you’d need more input(calories). I’m reminding myself just how many calories I need when working out. a lot

      ANYHOO – CONGRATS TO THE BOTH OF YOU. look forward to 2010 goal

      ps – no I won’t be buying a goat from that site. But I do miss the fresh bee/flower honey I bought in Romania.

    2. melissa Post author

      The goat isn’t for US, silly man. Heifer International is a fantastic organization that provides livestock and husbandry training. Hopefully, the goat we bought will provide milk for children, dairy products to sell, and baby goats to add to their herd. The bees will help pollinate fruit, vegetable and nut crops in addition to providing honey and beeswax for a different family to use or sell as they need.

      You really SHOULD check them out. =)

    3. Denise

      Wow! Another success with a dollar a day. Way to go you two! You make me want to try this out for myself; perhaps I’ll “shadow” you next February. ;D

      And Joel, fresh honey from Romania? Mmmm, sounds fantastic!

    4. melissa Post author

      I honestly don’t know if I could do $28 in February for one person. Well…maybe I could, however, it is much easier to cook for two people (especially in bulk) than it is to cook for one. Hmmmmm. Of course, now I’m thinking about how I would go about doing this…We’ll have to talk. =)

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