Freezer clean out

As you might imagine, we don’t really go out during February – which is why I’m blogging at ten on a Saturday night. After, of course, watching a Chinese movie that was really way too long. They could have cut much of the opening and still had a good movie. I am, however,

Anyway, I’m not sure how long the pierogis that we ate tonight had been living in our freezer. Frankly, I’d rather not think about it. BUT, with some caramelized onions, peas, and parmigiana, they weren’t too bad. A little tough, but not too bad. I’m glad we’re counting food we already have as free, otherwise, I probably would have just thrown them out in July, and I really do hate to waste food like that. Instead, when you count the onions I caramelized (frozen peas and grated parmigiana we already had), it came to a decent $0.50 meal.

Speaking of July and cleaning out, every once and a while I remember that we’re moving to China in July and that I really should get rid of a few things. So today I tackled one of the book shelves in the bedroom. It is now almost completely devoid of books. Some of the books Chad listed for sale on, some will be sent to people via Paperback Swap, and the rest will go either to friends or be donated to the library.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll brave the closet…

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