Futon Fun Time

One of the great things about Zipcar is having a variety of models to choose from, depending on your specific needs that day. Today, Melissa and I needed to go pick up a futon, so we needed a pickup truck. But see, this is the first time we’ve needed a pickup truck since March, so it would be wasteful to own a pickup truck or large SUV, just because sometimes you need to haul stuff. Instead, we own a car to suit our day-to-day needs, and when we need a truck, we have Zipcar.
“Theodore,” a Tacoma pickup, has definitely seen some heavy-duty use, from people moving, hauling things, and who knows what else. But hey, it drove just fine and served our needs perfectly, so we were thankful to have its use at our disposal. Beats the heck out of renting from U-Haul or calling in a favor from friends! And now we are the proud (and somewhat exhausted) owners of a comfy futon. Guests, come on over!

One thought on “Futon Fun Time

  1. Mom

    Yea!! How was it driving a truck thru all that traffic?? Just catching up on your recent messages. Take care.
    Love, Mom

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