Mini-Coops are Mini-Weird

Is it a fun drive? Sure, it’s fun. The almost-square frame of the car makes the handling very nice around corners, and parallel parking is a breeze (very handy in the D.C. area, of course). 

That said, the dash layout is just a little weird for my tastes. First of all, the thing doesn’t have a key! It has a fob that clicks into a place on the dash, and then to start the car you press the break and push the “On” button. Now, I enjoy pushing buttons as much as the next guy, but starting an engine this way just makes me think of the car as a toy for kids. It’s a good thing Zipcar provided some instructive text on the website when I reserved the car, or else it would have taken me awhile to get out of the parking lot.

It did take me 5 minutes or so to find the volume control. It is not next to the radio tuner where you’d normally find it, but a good 6 inches or so down, in the middle of the dash area, all by its little lonesome. The windows are controlled by “switches”, also located in the center of the dash area, right behind the gear shift. And there are two speedometers, one a small display behind the steering wheel, as normal, and another ginormous one at the top middle of the dash. I guess this is handy if the people in the back seat want to know how fast you’re going, but generally the interior design of this car seems like weirdness for weirdness’ sake. This is definitely not a car I would ever want to own, but the occasional short trip to weird out your friends can be very enjoyable.

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