Zipcar – Maiden Voyage!

Today I drove for the first time since starting the ZipCar Low-Car Diet. I had some errands to run, so I took out Ashely, a cute little Scion xA… The car reminded me of my old Toyota Matrix, only slightly miniaturized.

At first I had some difficulty getting my card to scan so the car would open up and welcome me, but that may have been user error, as by the end of my 3 hours I was an old master at it.

It was nice to be driving again, but you know, as I sat behind various large SUVs at every other red light, I remembered why driving is not always the preferred way to get somewhere. The Metro can sometimes be a hassle timing-wise, but I feel much more productive being able to read or do homework while I am in transit, as opposed to sitting there wondering why the guy in front of me bought a Lamborghini when he’s going to spend most of his time idling in traffic.

Overall, it was a great experience. Like renting a car, without standing in line. I look forward to my next excuse to use the service.